An Introduction to SEO

Last week , We had our first company campus drive of the season. We all were excited. There were 3 job profiles , one of them were SEO executive. I had some know how of SEO , I was confident enough to grab this position because  my site has google page rank 5 and  I have  a “Certificate of Honor” in SEO


I was like:


Although I got the Offer letter


but they made me uncomfortable during the interview so I thought let’s get prepared , here is some of the basic things you should know about SEO as internet user.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization . SEO are the techniques one use to get his site on top in a search result. If your is on top in  search result, users are more interested in visiting those top sites that means more traffic ,more user and more money.

For example: when you do a search for Manish Bhattacharya ,you will see something like this

testThe search result bring my site on the top , although there are other sites which have my information but my site is on top ,hence you if have to know more about me you will visit my site rather than visiting other random sites.

Now how SEO is done ? SEO require some optimization in code and contents. You should be aware of Keywords ,in last example Manish Bhattacharya was the keywords. Keywords are stream of words user search on search engine (google). You should be aware on what keywords you are focusing , suppose if you have selling mobiles phone in Delhi, so your keywords should be strong enough to pop up your site when user search for “Mobile phone store in Delhi”.

Other determining factors are your domain name, your site’s title and meta descriptions. Meta descriptions are information about the site that you see in search results. Here it is :


Meta descriptions and keywords can be added using Meta tag , inside <Head> after <title> like this


One of the questions I remember from the interview was the maximum length of Meta descriptions and keywords.In general maximum sizes are

  • Page Title – 70 characters
  • Meta description – 160 characters
  • Meta keywords – No more than 10 keyword phrases

SEO does not end here , your URL structures for e.g. default URL setting for any wordpress site is like php?id= some post id , a url with content descriptions is suggested for better SEO something like this “; ,make your site easy to navigate , a better robots.txt and site map really helps a lot.

Also optimize your anchor tag and image tag, using title and alt in <img is suggested for better SEO. Using Heading(<h1>,<h2>…) Tag properly is a plus.

Other questions that I remember was “Types of SEO and what are Panda,Penguin,EMD “.

There are two types of SEO:

  1. White Hat
  2. Black Hat

White hat are the techniques that are suggested by the search engines to improve your page ranking while black hat are techniques that use weakness of ranking algorithm to rank them on the top.You can read more on this here.

Humming Bird,Panda ,Penguin,Venice and EMD are the names of Google search result algorithms .

There are other terms that you should know about SEM(search engine marketing),PPC (pay per click) and more. Hope I’ll share more with you on this. Here’s some suggested further reading if you are interested:

  3. search-engine-optimization-starter-guide

This is just an introduction , SEO jobs are high paying even SEO experts makes millions just by freelancing.Neil patel ,Hiten Shah are some well known name in this business.

logging off..