How I made $5100 in a week

17 sept is a special day for me . The day which made me officially highest earning family member 😛 . A year ago today Facebook paid me $5000 for two Clickjacking in their mobile site (

There is a quite interesting story behind this. I was into bug hunting from a long time but till 11 sept. I was struggling for my first bounty. You might I was not trying hard even I confess I never tried too hard in hunting till date.

But what I can say is your networks on your social accounts (Twitter,Facebook ) matters a lot. Even though they don’t share “how they do things” but they motivate you with the amount they get from bounties.

Here’s the timeline:

10 sept: Kamil sevi posted “got bounty from Asana”,Let’s give Asana a try. Aditya‘s addon came handy ,reported CJ to Asana security.

12 sept: Asana accepted the CJ and rewarded me $100


15 sept: One of my friend got $5000 from Facebook for some facebook group bug, I  was jealous and motivated .Started digging ,found two CJ . One with facebook message (new thread) , other with facebook notes.

17 sept: Both Clickjacking got valid and Bang ..


$5000 is more than enough for CJ. Well, there might be some luck or fate. Thanks  Adiya for sharing his tool.


logging off ..